Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A very good day

Just another any-old-type-of-wintery day: wake up, porridge, off to work.....cept it's my birthday! And a most lovely gentle normal but with extra treats sort of day it's been. Some surprises from my family (Charlie Harper's Birds & Words, a necklace, Cards and an all-hands-on-deck (not my hands) dinner and chocolate cake: Yum!)

I'm content.
I love that my kids still make me cards or add little pieces of themselves to the presentation.
And at work i snapped a few shots of the fabric that's gracing our shelves. Truly sublime, here's a peek:

A new Japanese range in gorgeous textured cotton with a 50's inspired pallette.

Sweet circus and carnival fun
plus a bolt or two of handprinted muslin.

I know a lot of people like to shop for fabric on-line but there's nothing like the sensory experience of the real thing, in a shop, with kind people to ooh and ahh over it with you.
I'm signing myself up for a dress-making class at Amitie cos i've always wanted to gain some expertise in this area. Most of my clothes are op-shopped and sometimes i manage to alter them to fit but often i'm not sure how to achieve what's in my head (if you know what i mean..) And after watching Nicola whip up a cardigan in one hour (without breaking into a sweat but i do think i saw silent swearing) at Perle 8's last week, i think it's time to take the plunge!I managed to hem this skirt with some binding.... not bad for $4 and an afternoons effort.
Ok, my birthday is nearly over. Bed and my book, Three cups of tea is beckoning. A fitting end to a lovely day!


Andi said...

Happy Happy Birthday for yesterday.
Sounds like a lovely day, with gifts, cards, cake, pampering and, most importantly, fabric.
Cheers to you!!
Andi :-)

Anonymous said...

Cute skirt, and love that circus fabric, and of course, happy birthday to you for the other day,nice to see you at the perle 8s. I came back the next day and saw Jenny and Gina, I bought 21/5mts of that soft grey fabric with the pinky red flower you showed me for a dress!!
Enjoy all that fabric