Saturday, September 5, 2009

Quietly busy

Ruby's been busy with birds.

I've been busy with redwork. Almost done. (and more redwork busyness here + here)
Spring has arrived and is busy blossoming everywhere.

I'm busy, learning to sew properly at Amitie, once a week. Dressmaking classes with Gwen!

Renovating a mini-house for Ruby.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

It's birthday season here at Thunder road. Today Ruby turned 17...SEVENTEEN..Crikey! It's amazing and incredible and we adore her, still! Happy birthday Sweetheart!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

join the gang

This was waiting for me when i came home from work....i like mail of the fun, red-wrapped kind. I've signed up for the red quilt project (check my sidebar->) as it's something i've never tried before and after reading Kirsty's tale of her Grandmother's quilt i like the idea of a communal project... i'm a bit gob-smacked at how big the piece of fabric is....but also quietly excited. Here goes....
And below is more cutting + pasting... having some fun with text!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

News in brief

Cutting + pasting:

More cutting + pasting:

Eating this, complements of the in-house chef:
Rescuing this beautiful hand-stitched work from the op-shop:

Hearing some imaginary purring:
Adding to the menagerie:

It's almost thursday, which means it's past halfway in the working week...Come on weekend, I'm ready for you!

Monday, July 20, 2009

career change

Had a moment of food dye fun with some paper folding and realised i would be quite happy being employed as an experimentor/maker in a grown-up kindergarten. I have very happy memories of my time at Kinder: it was so free, and creative and satisfying, moving from one table to the next: pasting, finger-painting, home corner, drawing, constructing...... No rules, no time constraints, no expectations. It's not often that we get the chance (as adults) to explore and experiment without purpose. So i say bring on the non-purpose, all experimental, drawing outside the lines stuff! And tonight a group of us crafty folk are going to do just that. Usually we get together every so often and sew, knit, darn, chat and eat but tonight we're going to paint. Still Lives! It should be fun, i'm raring to go. Just wish i had one of my dad's old shirts, like mum used to make us wear for art classes.

And for all that, i do have some purposeful crafting on the go. It's a very, very, exceedingly very late (like 18months, first baby on the way late) wedding quilt for some friends. Just had to wait for the right pallette of fabrics to fall out of the stash. It's a really soft (apricot/mint/softgrey...) colourway. And will look all old and faded and lovely, mostly found fabrics and a few newies. It's had the tick of aproval from the recipient, so i'll crack on with it.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Happy Sunday

Feast your eyes on this Japanese spread. Also on the table: Gyoza, sea-weed, pickles, sesame sauce.... saki, more saki (little cups need re-filling a lot...)

Meanwhile, more owls waiting to be sewn and a template for some applique.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A very good day

Just another any-old-type-of-wintery day: wake up, porridge, off to work.....cept it's my birthday! And a most lovely gentle normal but with extra treats sort of day it's been. Some surprises from my family (Charlie Harper's Birds & Words, a necklace, Cards and an all-hands-on-deck (not my hands) dinner and chocolate cake: Yum!)

I'm content.
I love that my kids still make me cards or add little pieces of themselves to the presentation.
And at work i snapped a few shots of the fabric that's gracing our shelves. Truly sublime, here's a peek:

A new Japanese range in gorgeous textured cotton with a 50's inspired pallette.

Sweet circus and carnival fun
plus a bolt or two of handprinted muslin.

I know a lot of people like to shop for fabric on-line but there's nothing like the sensory experience of the real thing, in a shop, with kind people to ooh and ahh over it with you.
I'm signing myself up for a dress-making class at Amitie cos i've always wanted to gain some expertise in this area. Most of my clothes are op-shopped and sometimes i manage to alter them to fit but often i'm not sure how to achieve what's in my head (if you know what i mean..) And after watching Nicola whip up a cardigan in one hour (without breaking into a sweat but i do think i saw silent swearing) at Perle 8's last week, i think it's time to take the plunge!I managed to hem this skirt with some binding.... not bad for $4 and an afternoons effort.
Ok, my birthday is nearly over. Bed and my book, Three cups of tea is beckoning. A fitting end to a lovely day!